a humble life


About Glendon Rolston

Picture of Glendon Rolston

My parents gave me the unusual name of Glendon. But, I turned out an unusual man, so that worked out well in the end.

I like to daydream. Or better put, I live to daydream. You will rarely find me in the here and now; always analyzing and imagining new possibilities; never living in the moment. Maybe because of that detachment, I have a desire to untangle myself from the modern world.

I dream of a humbler life, growing and raising my own food, building my own modest home, providing for myself and creating my own sanctuary from the prying eyes of the extrovert-world.

To this end, I have purchased a plot of land in the prairies of southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada, near to my home town, Weyburn. For the past four years, I have readied the land for my eventual escape and soon I will begin to build my home.

A Humble Life

I have created ‘a humble life’ to chronicle and share my journey. I hope by sharing my writing and photography I can encourage others to increase their interactions with nature, empower people to become more self-reliant and showcase the majestic beauty of the often overlooked Canadian prairies.